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Team building in Belgrade and Serbia

Paintball is extreme sports game. It’s worldwide attraction and in this game players are dressed in specialized uniforms carrying protects masks on their faces and guns with the color gunshots. The game is time limited and the players are being divided into a two teams. Each team count same number of players. The winner is team with more “survivors” after the time has gone. Numerous companies all over the world are recognize Paintball as a game with the great ability to build positive atmosphere between employees which is essential thing in modern business.

Currently one of the most exciting and most wanted games in the world. Video games such as “Counter Strike” and “Far Cry” were basically transferred from fantasy to the field. You can play Laser Tag wherever you like either on our platforms and “b attlefields” specially designed for entertained games. Any protect equipment is not necessary for playing this game, because this is completely safe and harmless game. All you need for Laser Tag is an infrared gun and electronic shot detectors. This hi-tech equipment is used to record all shots data during the game and transfer it to the PC. Each player will have a printed statistic on the end of the game.

  • Archery is a skill of shooting with the bow and arrow. The goal is to hit the center of target. The archery is belonging to the group of “white sports” together with tennis and golf. It gains a constant popularity through the Europe lately. This is the sport which can be played by whole family (each in their own categories). The people who would like to play needs to be calm and concentrated all the time during the game. Archery gives you an opportunity to stay in the countryside, and during the winter it is all moved into the sports hall.

    Free Climbing - In a European countries of Alpine in late 90’s, the climbers who used free climbing technique (where the climbing equipment is not allowed accept in case of dropping as an insurance) were starting developing a new sport discipline. Sports climbing. The climber is to be in struggle with himself to move his own limits where the adrenalin and psychological stability together with the involvement of all muscle leading to the top of the rock. It is interesting that competitors are not allowed to watch each other during the competition. They are allowed to see the rock before the beginning of the game after what they are isolated and waiting their turn.

  • Golf on Ada Ciganlija – Belgrade most popular Oasis has different open-air sports grounds, among which there is a Golf Course- a place for passionate Golfers who want to try out their skills. Beautiful nature, carefully planned sport grounds, vivid enviorment make this part of Belgrade the most popular one.

    If you are fond of very fast driving or if you want to lose all the negative energy, do not miss Karting. Try popular Belgrade paths, have fun and get to know people who are fond of this game as much as you.... This is the only drive where you do not need a drivers license. Clay pigeons shooting - sport center Kovilovo is an excellent place to relax and enjoy many different activities that includes sports and leisure. Try the clay pigeon shooting on a beautiful fields around Kovilovo.

    Unitiy is strenght....when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful thing can be achieved.

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